Tipps&Tricks: Why do I not sound like my idol?

Ask the DudeSome guitarists might think “Stevie Ray Vaughan uses an Ibanez Tubescreamer – when I get myself a Tubescreamer too, I will sound like him.” Or “Eric Johnson is using a BK Butler Tube Drive for his lead tone, by using the same pedal I will also create exactly this sound.” Continue reading “Tipps&Tricks: Why do I not sound like my idol?”

Ask the Dude: DOD Rubberneck external tap tempo switch

DOD RubberneckThe DOD Rubberneck has got a TRS input that can be used to conjoin a three function foot switch.
By this you can control the tap function, the rubbernecking and also the modulation. Continue reading “Ask the Dude: DOD Rubberneck external tap tempo switch”

How to find the right overdrive pedal?

Ask the DudeTo many guitarists the chase for the perfect overdrive pedal is a never ending story.
And not only because of different ideas of sound, have other guitarist’s recommendations leaded to disappointment as not every overdrive pedal is suitable for all kind of sounds. Continue reading “How to find the right overdrive pedal?”

Multi – Amp Setup – advantages and pitfalls

Multi Amp setupI guess none of the guitarists who have ever used more than one amp simultaneously would dispense with this kind of sound.
Regardless of whether you use a stereo setup, running a delay through both amps or chose a wet dry setup with the wet signal coming through the first and the dry signal through the second amp, the sonic enrichment will be amazing. Continue reading “Multi – Amp Setup – advantages and pitfalls”

Review: Vintage Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble

Boss CE-1 Chorus EnsembleThe Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble was the first chorus pedal that has been put on the market in the 1970s.
Originally, the wiring of this pedal has been integrated into the legendary Roland Jazz Chorus amplifier. Continue reading “Review: Vintage Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble”

Pedals: same design – different circuit

Platine There are some pedals that have been put on the market a long time ago and that, because of their sound are known as the legendary ones.
But sometimes the circuit has been changed over time. Continue reading “Pedals: same design – different circuit”

Multi Effect Pedals

Effect PedalIn the 1980s many guitarists were pretty excited about the ostensible possibilities of the first multi effect pedals.
But soon they recognized that the quality of the sound of those multi effects did not convince at all.
Although this aspect has changed through the last years, the combination of two effects in one enclosure is much more popular today. Continue reading “Multi Effect Pedals”

+++ News: 2 days till the NAMM Show 2018 +++

NewsOnly two days left till the NAMM Show begins and I would like to use this time to introduce some really interesting pedals to you that supposedly can be seen on the NAMM 2018. Continue reading “+++ News: 2 days till the NAMM Show 2018 +++”

+++ News: 6 days left till NAMM Show 2018 +++

NewsLess than a week left until the NAMM Show 2018 opens the doors.
And almost every minute one gets to know new information about news pedals. Continue reading “+++ News: 6 days left till NAMM Show 2018 +++”

+++ News : The NAMM Show 2018 +++

NewsThe NAMM Show 2018 is getting closer and already first information about new pedals seep through.
Here are a few insights: Continue reading “+++ News : The NAMM Show 2018 +++”

Tape echo maintenance

Fulltone TTEA real tape echo provides an extraordinary sound and is a worthwhile investment for your guitar sound. Unfortunately the maintenance of a tape echo is not as simple as the care of a digital or analog delay pedal. Continue reading “Tape echo maintenance”

Tipps & Tricks: Germanium Fuzz as a Booster/Overdrive

Ask the DudeThe germanium fuzz was one of the first overdrive pedals that have been available in the first days of history of electric guitars. Those days this effect offered totally new kinds guitar sound. Continue reading “Tipps & Tricks: Germanium Fuzz as a Booster/Overdrive”

Tipps & Tricks: Guitar Cables

Ask the DudeTo many guitarists the guitar cable is a book with seven seals and most of them never even think about the quality of their cables. Continue reading “Tipps & Tricks: Guitar Cables”

How to plan your pedalboard

Ask the DudeAfter you have chosen your very own pedal stock it makes sense to plan your pedalboard so you won’t have to rearrange your pedals for every rehearsal or every gig.
When you only use two or three pedals running on batteries they will be connected quite easily and you will not necessarily need a pedalboard. But in the long run no guitarist I know has been satisfied with two or three pedals. Continue reading “How to plan your pedalboard”

Tape Echo Emulations: Hughes & Kettner Replex or T-Rex Replica

Which PedalBecause of their very special sound which is less sterile or dull (in comparison to digital or analog delays), tape echo emulation pedals are almost among the most popular delay effects. Continue reading “Tape Echo Emulations: Hughes & Kettner Replex or T-Rex Replica”

Big pedalboard vs. mini workhorse

PedalboardLately I visited a concert in a small club and there it happened again: the band started with the first song and at the same time one of the guitarists began to fiddle about his pedalboard because not a single tone of his guitar reached the boxes. Supported by his roady he was able to rectify his short-time mutism but to me this is not really the perfect concert opening. After the show the guitar tech told me that exactly the same happened the night before. Continue reading “Big pedalboard vs. mini workhorse”

Tipps & Tricks: How to set up a guitar

Ask the DudeFor good music the guitarist need the right attitude and his guitar needs the right adjustment.
To set up a guitar is pretty simple and also brand new guitars often have to be adjusted. Continue reading “Tipps & Tricks: How to set up a guitar”