Chase Bliss Tonal Recall RKMChase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM – Alle Videos

Here you can find all Videos of the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM in comparison with different delays. more


Tonal Recall RKM vs. MXR Carbon CopyChase Bliss Tonal Recall RKM (red knob mod) vs. MXR Carbon Copy

This is a comparison of the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM (red knob mod) with the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay. more


Moog Expression PedalHow to control the parameters of a pedal – Expression-pedals, Midi, CV and Apps

The first pedal that could be controlled with an expression-pedal in real time was the Uni-Vibe. The advantage was that you could adjust the swiftness without taking the hands off the strings. Later this function could also be found in Auto-Wahs. In this way the pedal could be controlled just like a real Wah. more


Chase Bliss Tonal Recall RKM vs. EHX Deluxe Memory ManChase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM (red knob mod) vs. EHX Deluxe Memory Man

This is a comparison of the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM (red knob mod) with The EHX Deluxe Memory Man. more


Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM vs. MXR Carbon Copy - Analog Delay Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM vs. Maxon AD 900

This is a comparison of the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall with the Maxon AD 900. more


Chase Bliss Tonal Recall RKMChase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM – Analog Delay

Brandnew on the market and this is a little presentation of the red knob version.  more



Analogman ARDX20 vs. Ibanez ADmini Analogman ARDX20 vs. Ibanez ADmini

This is a short comparison of two analog delay pedals. more


Analogman SunfaceEffect history (Part 5): Retro Boom of the 90s

In the 90s there was a recollection. Grunge killed the dreams of the hairspray-metal bands and thus, also of the effect-industry. For cost reasons and also as a commercially statement many guitarists bought second hand pedals and were satisfied with two or three of them. The previous polished sound became rougher.more

Wampler Faux Tape Echo vs Fulltone TTEWampler Faux Tape Echo vs Fulltone TTE

This is a comparison of the Wampler Faux Tape Echo with the Fulltone TTE Tube Tape Echo. more



Korg SDD-3000Effect history (Part 4): The 80s shaped in racks

In the 80s there was a boom of pedals and some technical progress. Each of the most famous manufacturers (Boss, MXR, Ibanez and Electro Harmonix)) produced his own interpretation of each kind of pedal and all of them have been packed into colorful enclosures. more


Empress Superdelay vs Fulltone TTEEmpress Superdelay vm vs Fulltone TTE

This is a comparison of the Empress Superdelay vintage modified with the Fulltone TTE Tube Tape Echo. more



Electro Harmonix Small StoneEffect history (Part 3): die 70er – The Revolution of  modulation-effects

In the 1970s numerous pedals have been invented. The first OP-amplifiers made the development of guitar-effects much easier. Therefore even the more complex ideas of modulation-effects like phaser, chorus, Auto Wah and flanger could be implemented. more

Catalinbread Belle Epoche vs Fulltone TTECatalinbread Belle Epoche vs Fulltone TTE

This is a comparison of the “Catalinbread – Belle Epoche” with the Fulltone TTE Tube Tape Echo. Although the Belle Epoche in actual fact amulates the EP-3 , this is an interesting comparison. more


Fulltone TTE vs Hughes & Kettner ReplexFulltone TTE vs Hughes & Kettner Replex

This is a comparison of the “Hughes & Kettner Replex” Delay, with a Tape-echo (the Fulltone TTE Tube Tape Echo). more

Silizium FuzzEffect history (Part 2): The 60s – transistor-pedals

The first fuzz-pedals have been invented in the early 60s. One of the first pedals using the new transistor-technique was the Maestro Fuzz Tone Pedal which became famous by the Song “Satisfaction” of the Rolling Stones. more


Fender Jaguar ModFender Jaguar Mod: Serial / Parallel pickup-modification

The Johnny Maar signature Fender Jaguar offers the possibility of using both pickups serial connected. This creates a special kind of sound which cannot be produced with the standard versions of the Fender Jaguar. But these standard versions are easily modified without the need of the installation of a new switcher.This is the Fender Jaguar modification. more


DeArmond TremoloEffect history: The first pedals

There are numerous pedals in different versions an especially these days there seem to be two trends: on the one hand there is a progress in the development of digital effects one the other hand one can see the revival of analog pedals in combination with innovative features. But how did all this began? more


parallel LooperTransparent Overdrives – The perfect Low Gain Sound

In many forums all over the world guitarist are searching for the “transparent overdrive”. But what is meant by this and does a transparent overdrive make sense? more



Low Gain OverdriveLow Gain Overdrive Shootout

This is a comparison of five nice low gain overdrive pedals. more



FlatwoundsVintage Gitarren-Sound

There is a lot of speculation about the vintage guitar sound of a Gibson Les Paul. The modern models are not able to sound like an original 1950s Les Paul. Of course there are uncountable reports about the wood, the pickups and the stop-tail-pieces and this is why I do not want to concentrate on these topics in this text. more


Korg SDD 3000 vs Strymon DIGKorg SDD 3000 vs Strymon DIG

A short comparison of the Korg SDD 3000 with the Strymon DIG. more



Celestion SpeakerSpeaker – Easy modifications to change the sound

Many guitarists want to change the sound of their amplifiers in a certain way: more bass, more output or a more vintage-oriented sound. But most of the modifications are expensive and difficult to be done. In this case, to try out a new speaker could be a cheap and easy way to transform the sound of your amp. more

Royal TS Overdrive“Royal TS” Screamer Overdrive Boost Effekt Pedal – Tube Sound

In this video I present a modified, handmade clone of the legendary Tubescreamer. The “Royal TS” Screamer is an overdrive with strong boost and real tube sound. more


PedalboardOrder of effects

If you arrange many pedals on a complex pedalboard the question of the order of the pedals arises. This matter is more complex than one first might think. Therefore one has to note some rules and some exceptions.more



First of all, a chorus creates an exact copy of the signal. Subsequently one of these signals is, similar to a delay, reproduced delayed. But the delays of the sound are so short that they are not perceived as delays. They only last 2 up to 70 ms. Afterwards the delayed signal will be modulated. more

Multi-NetzteilPower for the pedalboard – how to choose the best power supply

After having compiled your pedals and having put them into the right order, the question of the power supply arises. There a several ways which I would like to introduce in the following. more

Eventide H9 Pitch FuzzEventide H9 Pitch Fuzz Algorithm

The Song in the following video is inspired by the sound of the new Eventide H9 Pitch Fuzz algorithm. more


Fulltone TTE vs Strymon El CapistanFulltone TTE Tube Tape Echo vs Strymon El Capistan

A short comparison of the Fulltone TTE Tape Echo with the Strymon El Capistan. more


Fender Reverb Amp: Hum-eliminating

My Silverface Fender Princeton Reverb was humming as soon as I turned on the Reverb. I could exclude numerous sources of error. more


PedalboardThe reason of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrom)

GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome): the steady longing for new equipment. Many know this pretty well: although you are a proud owner of numerous pedals, guitars and amplifiers you rummage through music stores, magazines and forums. more

Colorsound OverdriverBooster as a Tone Enhancer

You can buffer your signal by using a good booster, which is not only suitable for overdriving a tube-amp but also is appropriate to be used as an exciter and sound-refresher. more



musikmesseMusikmesse Frankfurt 2017: Overview

This slideshow shows an overview of guitars and pedals at the Musikmesse Frankfurt 2017. more


pons guitarsMusikmesse Frankfurt 2017: Pons Guitars

Pons Guitars presented at the Musikmesse Frankfurt 2017 a guitar with an interchangeable body. more

True Bypass vs BufferTrue Bypass

“True bypass” – I guess, there is no term that is mentioned more frequently relating to the presentation of a new pedal. What does “true bypass” mean and does it have any advantages? more



Compressor ShootoutDelayDude Demo: Compressor Shootout

This is a comparison of the Analogman BiComprossor, the Xotic SP, the MXR Dynacomp, the Diamond Compressor, the Barber TonePress, the Origin Effects Cali76 CD and the Cali76TX. more

MXR Slash Octave FuzzDelayDude Demo: MXR Slash Octave Fuzz

This is a demo of the MXR SF01 Slash Octave Fuzz. The signature pedal creates Fuzz, Octave up and Octave Down Sounds. more


Klon Centaur

Klon CentaurDo they sound identically? Which one is most close to the original?

The prices for an original “Klon Centaur” are always rising. Recently I found a golden Klon on Italian ebay for 2100,- €. And to keep it in mind: this one, of course was in used condition and without box. more

Klon Centaur (Teil 2)

Does my Klon Centaur clone sound better or worse than the original?

There are uncountable clones of the legendary Klon Centaur. KTR:According to the manufacturer he is supposed to be most close to the original. The KTR has been created in cooperation with the designer of the original Klon Centaur. However, one can find several posts in the internet about its different sound in the lower mids. more

Strymon DecoDelay Dude Demo: Strymon Deco

This is a demo of the Strymon Deco Effektpedals. It simulates a Doubletracker, Tape Flanger, Tape Saturation and a Delay of an old tapemachine. In this video it has been used for the drums, bass, guitar and the vocals. More

Deluxe Memory BoyDelay Dude Demo: Electro Harmonix – Deluxe Memory Boy

This shootout of the analog Delay “Deluxe Memory Boy” shows extraordinary sounds, which can be created with this pedal. Amongst other things I create  tremolo- and pitch-sounds. More