Tipps& Tricks: Effect pedal breakdown – first aid instructions

Ask the DudeSooner or later almost every pedal breaks down.
Sometimes it starts with a loos connection or it suddenly gets impossible to switch them on.
In this two-part article I would like to present some useful hints that may help you to revive your pedal. Continue reading “Tipps& Tricks: Effect pedal breakdown – first aid instructions”

Tipps & Tricks: DOD Rubberneck external tap tempo switch

DOD RubberneckThe DOD Rubberneck has got a TRS input that can be used to conjoin a three function foot switch.
By this you can control the tap function, the rubbernecking and also the modulation. Continue reading “Tipps & Tricks: DOD Rubberneck external tap tempo switch”

Delay Dude on YouTube

NewsFrom now on you can find all videos of the Delay Dude on youtube.com/delaydude.

Besides overdrive- and compressor- shootouts, videos with DIY instructions and modifications you will encounter comparisons of numerous analog and digital delays by various manufacturers like Electro Harmonix, Chase Bliss Audio, Fulltone or Strymon.

Every Wednesday a new video will be released. Just have a look and subscribe.

Fender Reverb Amp: Hum-elimination

My Silverface Fender Princeton Reverb was humming as soon as I turned on the Reverb. I could exclude numerous sources of error. Then I found out, that the mass-copperplate did not have sufficient contact to the chassis. By tightening the nut of the input I could eliminate this fault. This is the video: