Types of Delays

Delays enrich the guitar-signal and create a vivid sound. There are numerous songs that get their very own character through the sound of a delay (f. e. many songs of U2).

There are different types of delays; each of them has got its advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading “Types of Delays”

Booster as a tone enhancer

Nowadays many guitarists swear by true bypass. As I already told you in the article “Buffer vs True Bypass”, a good buffer or booster has many advantages (especially for large pedalboards).

Colorsound Overdriver

But you can also buffer your signal by using a good booster, which is not only suitable for overdriving a tube-amp but also is appropriate to be used as an exciter and sound-refresher.

An example: The Edge of U2 has got more than one in his huge rack. He uses a Boss Pre-Amp and a Korg SDD-3000 digital delay (preamp) to freshen up his guitar-signal. Continue reading “Booster as a tone enhancer”