+++ News: 6 days left till NAMM Show 2018 +++

NewsLess than a week left until the NAMM Show 2018 opens the doors.
And almost every minute one gets to know new information about news pedals.

OKKO FX comes along with a whole series of new pedals.
While the “King Krunch” of the BlackBox- series is supposed to sound like an overdriven vintage amp, the “RECTOPLEXXX” unites the sounds of Marshall and Mesa Boogie in one of the stylish black enclosures of the new series.
Last but not least, OKKO puts the „POWER EQ“ on the market. This 3-band equalizer is based on the legendary Ibanzez GE-300 Power Equalizer.

HAMSTEAD, too sends an equalizer in the running.
One special thing about the “Odyssey Intergalactic Driver” is that it can be used before as well as after the gain- level and besides it provides a lot of setting options.

Neunaber will probably relaunch the prototype of the”XD-1”.
There are two good reasons why this overdrive pedal is pretty exciting.
On the one hand is this the first overdrive pedal of a manufacturer who previously was located in the world of digital effects. On the other hand are the visitors of the NAMM able to influence the final version by their feedback.
But not only the “XD-1” can be tested at the NAMM Show.
The visitors can also try out the “Inspire” which is a compact stereo chorus pedal with different algorithms.

Goodrich Sound, likewise dares something new.
Until now the manufacturer only produced active pedals. The “OMNI Pedal” is the first volume pedal that can be used active and passive.