7 questions to Brian Wampler

7 questions toThis time, Brian Wampler was so kind to answer to the 7 questions of the DelayDude. Find out more about the man behind the brilliant Wampler Pedals and what the decision between ketchup and mustard has to do with guitar effect pedals.

1. So many famous musicians are using your devices – is there someone whom you wish he/she would play one of your pedals?

Brian Wampler: There’s not really any one particular “famous” person that I look at and think “man… I wish they’d use our stuff”.

2. If you would have to choose one single pedal or device, you will have to use for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Brian Wampler: If I had to choose ONE pedal, and assuming that it would be the only pedal possible to purchase for whatever reason, I would probably go with a tuner. Being out of tune and hearing others out of tune drives me completely crazy. Outside of a tuner, I’d probably go with Pinnacle or Pantheon, or some similar type of dirt. Those are two different pedals of course, but I’m indecisive tonally. I’d have to just flip a coin over those. It’s a bit like choosing mustard or ketchup.

3. Is there a pedal of another manufacturer of which you wish, you would have invented it?

Brian Wampler: Outside of Wampler, I wish I would have made the Kemper or Fractal! Those are handy.

4. Is there a question regarding your work, you would really love to answer to but that nobody asks?

Brian Wampler: Not really – seems like I’ve been asked just about every question imaginable over the years!

5. Is there a question you are really sick and tired of?

Brian Wampler: I wouldn’t say that I’m “sick” of it, but questions such as “do I need a buffer” or “is true bypass or buffered bypass better?” are ones that have been answered thousands of times by myself and many other people. A quick google search will give one all the info they need on questions such as that.

6. Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

Brian Wampler: Of course, there always is, but that’s the thing about growing and becoming wiser. You never knew then what you know now. Most of the things that falls into this are from two camps: Circuit design knowledge and business knowledge. It’s always a continuing journey.

7. If you should have to choose a real job far away from what you are doing now, what would that be?

Brian Wampler: I doubt I’d get a job unless it was my last option, but if I wasn’t working in the guitar pedal industry, I’d probably start a company that does creative video marketing or create something else electronic that’s useful and fun.

Many thanks at this point again to Brian Wampler who was so kind to answer 7 questions of the DelayDude.