7 questions to Burkard Lehle

7 questions toLehle is one of the leading makers of innovative switching solutions.
I personally am a convinced user of several switchers and loopers of the German manufacturer who skillfully combines reliable functionality and stylish design.
Therefore, I am proud that Burkard Lehle was willing to answer to my 7 questions.

1. Before you started producing your brilliant switching solutions, have you ever built and sold guitar effect pedals?

Burkard Lehle: From 1996 to 1999 I ran a repair shop. There I repaired some effect pedals.

2. Your switching solutions can be found on pedalboards all over the world. International stars like Aerosmith and Joe Bonamassa are amongst the users of your devices. Are you sometimes annoyed about the fact that there is such a big hype surrounding some of the effect pedals which are next to your switchers on these pedalboards (f.e. the Golden Klon) while your solutions which influence the sound in a very decisive way (without any humming and crackling) receive little attention when musicians discuss the pedalboards of the stars?

Burkard Lehle: Right from the start I intended to create products that make sense, in other words that are needed and used. At the same time, these products were supposed to be irrespective of any trends with one aim: we wanted to sell our products as constant as possible, do a regular job with enough time for our families.
So far, my employees and I did well.
On the other hand, I think signal routing products get a lot of attention – otherwise you would not have asked for this interview.

3. Do you think that there are any disadvantages for you as a German manufacturer in the international economic competition? In other words: do you think, your switchers would get more of the “pixie dust” mentioned above if you were American?

Burkard Lehle: Quite the contrary: as a German manufacturer you get the premium-bonus regarding the quality of the products right away.
This is pretty helpful for the sale. On the other hand, compared to many other countries, the manufacturing costs in Germany are absolutely tolerable and we have the one of the best infrastructures on the global scale.

4. What was the most exciting experience in conjunction with your work?

Burkard Lehle: To work with people who develop themselves.

5. On your homepage, you are telling us, that you are an impassioned guitarist yourself. Which pedals can we find on your pedalboard?

Burkard Lehle: TC TC Poly Tune, T-Rex Fuel Tank, Vahlbruch Chorus, Vahlbruch Jewel Drive, T-Rex Replica, Empress Tremolo, Cry Baby, Lehle Sunday Driver, 1at3 SGoS, D.Loop SGoS, P-Split II

6. Let’s have a look to the future: Besides the exciting bass effects that you have invented, will there be something like a robust multi power supply or maybe even guitar effect pedals?

Burkard Lehle: It feels, as if the request for a Lehle power supply comes almost every week. Maybe, I’ll put one on the market someday. I already own the domain www.lehle-power.com for some time… there will never be effect pedals for guitarists.
Very likely, the future will be modular with signal routing solutions.

7. Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

Burkard Lehle: Of course, there are many things, I would have done differently with the experience I have today. More specific, I started relatively late to take charge of economic details. If I would have started with that earlier, one or the other product probably would not be there.

Many thanks at this point again to Burkard Lehle who was so kind to answer 7 questions of the DelayDude.