7 questions to David Koltai (Pigtronix)

7 questions toFor it is Christmas time, there will be present in the form of the 7-questions-to-interview with David Koltai. He is the guy behind the unique Pigtronix effects, which all bear the probably coolest logo so far. Find out which question he is waiting for to be ask and enjoy his answers to the 7 questions of the DelayDude.

1. Uncountable musicians are using your devices – is there someone whom you wish he/she would play one of your pedals?

David Koltai: Eric Johnson. That would be quite an honor. We should send him a Supro Delay pedal! That unit was designed by my engineering mentor, Howard Davis who also designed EJ’s beloved EHX Deluxe Memory Man.

2. If you would have to choose one single pedal or device, you will have to use for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

David Koltai: Pigtronix Infinity Looper. It is my ideal tool for practicing guitar, writing songs, live looping and playing backwards.

3. Is there a pedal of another manufacturer of which you wish, you would have invented it?

David Koltai: No. I am happy to have made some contributions in the course of my career so far and I hope to have some more hits in the future. In terms of sheer capability, I think the Eventide H9 is the best “pedal” on the market at this time. It is unrivaled in so many ways.

4. What does your recent rig look like?

David Koltai:Koltai Rig September 2019 (

This WET / DRY / WET rig features quad parallel time-based stereo effects and MIDI clock sync’d Looping.

The time based effects all get an identical input signal from a 4-way splitter. These four different effects (Delay, Echo, Reverb, Rotary) are then mixed down to a stereo pair before hitting the Infinity Looper.

5. Is there a question, you are really sick and tired of?

David Koltai: Anything you can just read in the manual. Please read the manual.

6. Is there a question regarding your work, you would really love to answer to but that nobody asks?

David Koltai: That is an easy one to answer! I would love to be asked: “Can I hire your band to play a concert at Madison Square Garden?”

7. Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

David Koltai: Yes. There are many things, but there is no sense in looking negatively on the past. If a person develops their mind and learns new skills as time passes, they will naturally come to a deeper understanding of their craft. Along with this also comes a broader perspective on life, which hopefully sheds light on that which may not have been previously visible.

Many thanks at this point again to David Koltai who was so kind to answer 7 questions of the DelayDude.