7 questions to Steve Bragg (Empress)

7 questions toAnd another one of my heroes answered to the 7 questions of the DelayDude.
Enjoy the exciting entertaining interview with Steve Bragg.
And learn more about the man behind the innovative and impressing Empress pedals.

1. So many famous musicians are using your devices – is there someone whom you wish he/she would play one of your pedals?

Steve Bragg: For a long time I’ve been saying I’d love to have Jonny Greenwood or St. Vincent play Empress pedals, but maybe it’s best to let that dream die. Now I’d love it if Eric Nagler used an Empress pedal, and then showed how you could get the exact same sound out of some common items you find around the house.

2. Which was your very first effect pedal and if you would have to choose one single pedal or device, you will have to use for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Steve Bragg: The first pedal I built was an Elektra Fuzz, and It sounded gnarly, in a bad way. The next was a Tycobrache Octavia which I could never get to work properly. My friend built one as well. His didn’t sound like the Octavia, somehow it’s sounded like a really wild envelope-filtered fuzz! The first pedal I used was my dad’s SD-1. The first pedal I bought was a DOD Grunge, so I could sound exactly like Nirvana, whom I’m guessing were the designers?

I gotta go with the ZOIA. I’m still really excited about it and it’s held my attention longer than any of our other pedals.

3. Is there a pedal of another manufacturer of which you wish, you would have invented it?

Steve Bragg: The EHX Hog. I still remember my friend showing me one and I was blown away.

4. What does your recent rig look like?

Steve Bragg: Pretty minimal right now: An OP-1, a ZOIA, and Chase Bliss Brothers. What I want to do is set up a bunch of MIDI controllable pedals (CBA, Meris, Alexander) and have the ZOIA control everything.

5. Is there a question regarding your work, you would really love to answer to but that nobody asks and on the other hand, is there a question you are really sick and tired of?

Steve Bragg: Is it hard being hyper smart and also super good looking?
And on the other hand: “Where are the dip switches?” 😊

6. Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

Steve Bragg: One day THE Eric Johnson called the office to ask about buying an Empress ParaEq. He wasn’t asking for a discount or anything, he just wanted to make sure it did what he wanted. I thought, wow I’ll give him a discount cause I’m so smart. After he placed an order I got off the phone and thought, wow I’m a frickin’ idiot! If THE Eric Johnson calls, just give him a ParaEq!

7. If you should have to choose a real job far away from what you are doing now, what would that be?

Steve Bragg: Building tree houses for a living ON THE MOON!

Many thanks at this point again to Steve Bragg who was so kind to answer 7 questions of the DelayDude.