7 questions to Tom Majeski (Cooper FX)

7 questions toToday I am delighted to present the “7 questions to…” -interview with Tom Majeski. Go ahead and find out more about the guy behind the inspiring and brilliant Cooper FX pedals.

1. So many famous musicians are using your devices – is there someone whom you wish he/she would play one of your pedals?

Tom Majeski: There are a few artists who I’d be really excited to hear playing through one of
my effects, but considering I made the Generation Loss pedal to mimic the sound of Alan
Palomo/ Neon Indian I would have to say him.

2. Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

Tom Majeski: So many things, but I can’ t really go back and change things so I try to take every experience as part of the learning process. If I have to give a real answer though, I would say I should have been more patient and tried to perfect a pedal before putting it out in the world. I always get really excited about the next project, so the current project sometimes gets neglected in the final stretch of the design.

3. Which was your very first effect pedal? And if you would have to choose one single pedal or device, you will have to use for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Tom Majeski: I bought this cheap Zoom multi effects unit from a kid in my high school. I was hooked on making weird sounds almost immediately. It sounded terrible, but it definitely sparked an interest in effects for me, so for that I’m grateful.

Definitely the Ditto x2 Looper. I don’t pull it out as often as I should, but when I do I get lost for hours. It’s a really good reminder that simplicity really can be great.

4. Is there a pedal of another manufacturer of which you wish, you would have invented it?

Tom Majeski: So many, but I think I have to say Thermae. I think we’ve all heard that pitch shifty sound when you turn the time knob on a delay pedal, so it’s really cool to have that motion being automated by a sequencer like on Thermae. Ultimately, I’m glad I didn’t design it, because it probably wouldn’t have turned out as well as it did!

5. What does your recent rig look like?

Tom Majeski: Boring answer: I never play through a rig, and usually only play when I’m designing a pedal. After 10 hours of that a day I don’t really have much interest in playing music for fun!

6. Is there a question you are really sick and tired of and on the other hand: Is there a question regarding your work, you would really love to answer to but that nobody asks?

Tom Majeski: I don’t mind answering most questions.
I like to talk about what I learned during the process of designing a certain
pedal. That sort of stuff is really fun to discuss with other people. Talking about new
components or technology being used in a pedal is fun stuff.

7. If you should have to choose a real job far away from what you are doing now, what would that be?

Tom Majeski: I studied in school to be a civil engineer, so I imagine I would be doing something along those lines. Or maybe a chef. Who knows.

Many thanks at this point again to Tom Majeski who was so kind to answer 7 questions of the DelayDude.