DelayDudeAt the age of 8 I got my hands on a guitar for the first time. Right away my fate was sealed. This is when my transformation into a confessing sound fetishist started.
I love to search for a sound that is perfect for a current mood, a moment, a story.
I think, that, according to favorite tastes or smells, that are able to move you into other spheres, every musician has in every single phase of his life, maybe even in every single situation, a very own idea of the perfect sound.

To support you while you are searching for a way to get your desired sound, is the reason why I run this blog and shop.

Through the years, experiencing almost endless hunts for certain sounds, I could acquire a little bit of knowledge about how to create a specific sound.
I would love to share my experiences to shorten your research.
Although searching might be an exciting journey, there are also some errors, you don’t need to go through. And therefore, you will have more time for the essential: the music.

If you are searching for a special sound, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Countless brilliant people created excellent pedals that are able to get you closer to the sound you are looking for.
Sometimes it is a certain combination of pedals, sometimes specific guitar strings or even a diminutive mod that provide the key to the mystery.

I would be glad, to accompany you for a part of your journey to your current perfect sound.

Thus: Enjoy reading my blog and keep on searching