Analog, digital and tape delay – how do they sound with an overdrive pedal (AnalogMan King of Tone)?

This is a comparison of three different types of delays all accompanied by the AnalogMan King of Tone.
For this demo I used a dark analog delay (DOD Rubberneck), a digital delay (Strymon DIG) and a tape delay(Fulltone Tube Tape Echo).
The first 25 seconds you can hear a sneak peak of each type of delay accompanied by the King of Tone.
Learn more about the how the King of Tone affects every single type of delay depending on the respective kind of playing (palm mutes, modulation, in the mix).

0:07 AnalogMan King of Tone solo
0:10 sneak peak DOD Rubberneck + King of Tone
0:15 sneak peak Strymon DIG + King of Tone
0:20 sneak peak Fulltone TTE + King of Tone
0:26 DOD Rubberneck
0:50 Strymon DIG
1:12 Fulltone Tube Tape Echo
1:37 DOD Rubberneck – palm mutes
1:57 Strymon DIG – palm mutes
2:16 Fulltone Tube Tape Echo -palm mutes
2:35 DOD Rubberneck – modulation
3:01 Strymon DIG – modulation
3:25 Fulltone Tube Tape Echo – natural tape wow and flutter
3:53 DOD Rubberneck – in the mix
4:07 Strymon DIG – in the mix
4:20 Fulltone Tube Tape Echo – in the mix
4:33 DOD Rubberneck – in the mix
4:47 Strymon DIG – in the mix
4:59 Fulltone Tube Tape Echo – in the mix

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