Andy Timmons and the Strymon Timeline

A reader’s question to the Dude:

I am a big Andy Timmons fan and I know that Andy uses a Strymon Timeline as substitute for a dual EHX Deluxe Memory Man. Can you help me regarding the setting?


I´m not totally familiar with Andy Timmons settings, though he has a great tone.
As far as I know, he uses the dual setting of his Strymon Timeline. The delay timing is a dotted 8th ¼ note repeat with one side set to 350-375ms delay and the other side set to 500-512ms.
The delays are in series.
Set the time of your Timeline to 500 and the time 2 to ¾.
The Timeline is connected in the FX Loop and Andy has an expression pedal connected to the Timeline to increase or decrease the amount of echo volume blended with the dry tone.
He uses a stereo setup (if possible) or sums to mono (as required).
The modulation is pretty low and not synchronous to the delay time to archive a kind of tape echo emulation. I would start with low speed (8-9 o´clock) and deeper depth (12-2 o´clock). Switch the hi-pass off. Mix and repeats are about at 11 o´clock (Mix and repeats of the second delay are the same – you can set them to “track”).

You can see his setting in this video at 7:28.
If he didn´t mess with the pots and uses a preset, it might help to find his setting.
And by using two amps close together, you will get a wider sound and more ambient space.