Boss DD-3 Digital Delay

The Boss DD-3 is a pedalboard friendly standard delay. It comes along without any frills like tap tempo, tape emulation, modulation, true bypass or midi. Besides, it resigns from an expression-pedal or stereo input. But the DD-3 provides a wet output that sends the clean guitar signal AND the delay signal and a direct output which only sends the dry signal.
Like the DD-2 this pedal offers 800ms maximum delay time, but the board has been altered a little bit and by this, the 9V pedal, unfortunately, lost the legendary chip of the Boss DD-2.
Altogether, the Boss DD-3 is, like mentioned above, a standard delay. It is neither particularly good nor especially bad but the price for a new Boss DD-3 is rather low.
Finally, in my honest opinion, the Boss DD-3 is a 2 or 3 of 10 on my cult factor scale.