Which pedal should I get? Boss DD-7 vs. TC Electronic Flashback

If you are searching for a reasonably priced digital delay pedal, there is no way around the Boss DD-7 and the TC Electronic Flashback. But what features do these two pedals provide and which is appropriate for which propose?

Boss DD-7

At the beginning of 2019, the Boss DD-7 is the most recent pedal of the Boss digital delay series. The 9V stereo pedal comes around in the familiar Boss quality and appearance. Besides digital delay sounds, it also provides an analog delay emulation (of the legendary Boss DM-2), modulation and a reverse mode. Tap tempo can be active via the second function of the on/off switch or by an external TAP switch. The pedal offers up to 6400ms maximum delay time and an integrated looper. Furthermore, the buffered pedal has analog-dry-through. The pots, as well as the sub divisions of the tapped speed can be controlled by an external expression pedal.

TC Electronic Flashback

The TC Electronic Flashback is as pedalboard-friendly as the Boss DD-7.
The 9V pedal has stereo in- and outputs, true bypass and analog-dry-through. The delay speed can be controlled by strumming the guitar. Besides digital delay, modulation delay and analog emulation, you can choose between numerous other tone prints. And you can also create your own sounds with the pc- editor. The maximum delay time is about 7 seconds.
The Flashback as well provides an integrated looper, a reverse mode and sub-divisions.
The more recent version (Flashback 2) additionally offers an integrated expression pedal (mash function).

The comparison

Regarding the analog delay emulation both budget pedals provide an almost equal quality. With every repeat, the signal becomes a bit darker.
The reverse mode of either is also quite comparable.
But the modulation of both pedals varies a lot. The Boss DD-7 does only provide one preset which can not be fine-tuned and reminds of the sound of a Lesley speaker or a wobbling tape echo. This is where the Flashback definitively provides a better sound.
But the Boss digital mode convinces because of its percussive attack and the crisp repeats.

And finally, maybe this video might help to decide which pedal you should get if you are searching for a well-priced digital delay pedal.