Review: Boss DD-8 part II

Boss DD8After you have learned all about the construction and the standard sounds of the Boss DD-8 in the first part of this review, I will now introduce the special modes of this compact digital delay.


Reverb and a digital delay together, this is the +RV mode. Because of the small number of pots, this mode cannot be adjusted individually, but the factory setting is already tuned very well and therefore absolutely practicable. It is really nice to have a compact effect pedal providing a sweet combination of reverb and delay.


Slightly delayed, the shimmer mod adds on octave up to the original signal. This mode is a new one as well. Fading in is not as decent as it is with the DD-200, but it also creates beautiful soundscapes that make every synthesizer redundant.


Warp is another new mode which maintains the signal without oscillation as long as you keep the footswitch pressed. For the sound does not become too overloaded, sonically, it is a digital delay with less low end.
Even without the warp function, I really like this sound because it reminds me of the legendary Roland SDE-3000.


The new glitch mode is a stutter function which provides thrilling variations from a short granular delay to extended stutter effects. For those, who can not deal with this function yet, it is recommendable to listen to songs of Bloc Party or Minus the Bear. Subsequently, you will recognize that the glitch mode is not only absolutely crazy, but that it might be a brilliant idea to buy two DD-8 delays to activate glitches with different lengths in turns. This is an effect for creative guitarists.


Last, but not least, the Boss DD-8 has a looper. It offers up to 20 seconds mono and 20 seconds of stereo looping time and thereby, exceeds some of the expensive boutique colleagues. It would be even nicer, if you could keep the loop activated while you choose a delay mode, thus you could accompany a loop enriched by some delay sounds. But regarding the size of this pedal, this might be asking too much.


The new Boss DD-8 shines with some really good new sounds and some well-known, but sophisticated adjusted sounds. Merely, because of the improved modulation the change to the Boss DD-8 is worth it. The new sounds like tape, glitch and +RV make this little workhorse become an extensive pedal with all traditional and some crazy sounds.