Boss DD-8 vs. DD-7

dd-8With the DD-8 and the DD-3T Boss sends two new digital delays in the well-known compact enclosure in the race.

The DD-3T is identical with its predecessor, the DD-3. Only extended by tap tempo and the hold function is now called “Short Loop”.

But compared to its predecessor, the DD-8 offers some additional features.
Therefore, the maximum delay time has been extended from 6.4 to 10 seconds (by tap tempo).
Finally, this pedal is additionally equipped with a tape echo emulation and modes like warm, relay/reverb, glitch and shimmer. And since the DD-20, we know the warp effect which has also been added. At the moment, the glitch effect is very popular right now and it is a feature that is not even natural for compact delays.
I think, the new modes have been borrowed from the DD-20, the big brother of the DD-8. The DD-20s’ vintage digital creates a warmer sound; it also provides a shimmer mode and is able to create warp effects. Now, these modes have been integrated into a compact pedal.

While some think, that the loop function is a new and outstanding feature of the DD-8, one must consider that the DD-7 also provides a 40 second loop mode. The new looper was formerly only called “hold”.
But now, you can record overdubs and the looper can be started/stopped via an external pedal. Therefore, it is much more practicable.

The trails function is also a new feature. It can be adjusted in a way that the trails will remain after you have switched the pedal off. The DD-7 did not ask for permission: it always created such trails.

The remaining features (stereo, 9V, tap tempo,…) are similar to the features of the DD-7.
And also similar to the DD-7, the DD-8 also does still not provide the option to adjust the amount of modulation. Thus, you will have to be content with the preset and we all hope, that this time it is more discreet than the one of the DD-7. Actually, the modulation of the DD-7 was definitively the flaw of this Boss delay pedal.

So, the DD-8 might be very interesting for those who are looking for an extensive equipped delay with versatile functions. Sonically, the DD series are convincing since the 1980s and therefore, it is no wonder that you can find Boss DD delays on the pedalboards of famous guitarists as well as on those of the newbies.
Regarding the price-performance ratio, Boss pedals are definitively top.

Click here for a video comparison of the Boss DD-8 with the DD-7. And soon, you will also find a detailed review and further demo videos of the DD-8 on