Boss DM-2 Analog Delay

boss dm 2The Boss DM-2 analog delay is legendary. Although it is important to differentiate if you have got one with a 3205 or one with a 3005 chip. Even though Cool Audio produces a reissue of the legendary 3005, the pedals with the original Panasonic chip are very sought after today. Everyone has to answer the question, if there are really sonic variances between the two kind of chips or if only the pixie dust of the Original makes the difference, for themselves.
The pedalboard friendly 9 V mono pedal dispenses with frills like modulation, tape-emulation, tap-tempo, Expression- or midi-pedal-input, a looper and true bypass. A fact that seems quite interesting to me is, that the knob for the rather short maximum delay time of 300ms works in a reversed way. Rotated clockwise the delay time becomes shorter while the delay time is extended by turning the knob into counterclockwise direction. The production of this perfect partner for slapbacks has been discontinued.
And not only because I love the Boss DM-2, this pedal is a 8 of 10 on my cult-factor-scale.