+++ News: In cooperation with JHS Boss developed the JB-2 Angry Driver +++

Boss JB-2 Angry Driver
Quelle: Boss.info

40 years of company history and for the first time Boss developed a pedal in cooperation with another manufacturer. Recently Boss put the JB-2 Angry Driver on the market which has been implemented in collaboration with JHS.

This overdrive is based on the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver and the JHS Angry Charlie. So the JB-2 Angry Driver covers almost all kinds of sounds, from a boost over an overdrive to a distortion with marshall-sound.

Something really special is that you can use the two circuits serial (Blues Driver-> Angry Charlie or Angry Charlie -> Blues Driver) as well as parallel. The order of the two types of overdrives can be adjusted with the right pot or by remote switch. And of course you can use the Boss BD-2 or the JHS Angry Charlie separately.

By the upper three of the concentric pots you can control the sound of the JHS pedal, while the lower three pots enable you to adjust the Boss-circuit.

By this the JB-2 Angry Driver might be a cheaper alternative to the Chase Bliss Audio Brother Overdrive that has been put on the market this year.
The price of the JB-2 Angry Driver should be around 200 euros.

For further information visit the Boss homepage.

This is a video of the manufacturer: