BOSS RE-202 Space Echo: The DelayDude review on

Boss RE-202 Space EchoIt’s no secret that I am slightly addicted to delay pedals, and there have been some brilliant pedals that really thrilled me. Therefore, I really enjoyed testing the BOSS RE-202 Space Echo for a detailed review for The re-interpretation of the legendary Roland RE-201 Space Echo is an eye candy and also provides pedalboard-friendly dimensions. While those who know me know that I usually record the sound files for my reviews in mono because very few guitarists perform with two amps live on stage, I definitely had to check the advantage of the stereo option of this pedal with two amps. In the detailed review at you can find out everything about the BOSS RE-202 Space Echo in practice.

I checked out the internal spring reverb as well as the memory slots and warp and twist. But of course the tape heads of the RE-202 and the control via expression pedal are also put to the review. I don’t want to reveal too much just yet, but even if the BOSS RE-202 Space Echo is perhaps not entirely historically correct due to some of its wonderful features, it is clearly a very practical delay.

You can find the detailed review with stereo sound files here at