Catalinbread Adineko

catalinbread adinekoThe Catalinbread Adineko is a pedalboard friendly digital delay. The 9V pedal dispenses with tap tempo, stereo in- and outputs, a looper as well as an input for an expression pedal or midi.
Therefore, the Adineko, which is still available, provides a so-called oil can emulation. This feature emulates an oil can that is set in motion and thereby creates a delay signal with a very special vintage character. Besides the well-known delay types (tape, digital, analog) oil can delays like the legendary Mighty Morley EVO-1 are real exotics. This is why the Catalinbread Adineko is perfect for lo-fi sounds and slapbacks without the risk of toxic fluids contaminating your rehearsal room one day. Furthermore, the pedal with a maximum delay time of 1 second, offers modulation. On my cult-factor scale, the Adineko, which might be very interesting for those who love vintage sounds, is a 6 of 10.