Catalinbread Belle Epoch

catalinbread belle epochThe Catalinbread Belle Epoch is a pedalboard friendly digital delay with an inbuilt preamp that is oriented to the legendary Maestro Echoplex Transistor Tape Echo.
Especially because of the fact, that the Catalinbread Belle Epoch offers a booster that acts like the preamp of the original Maestro Echoplex EP3, this pedal has been used and still is used by famous guitarists like Jimi Page. Currently you can find the Belle Epoch on the pedalboard of Eric Johnson – as a worthy replacement of the highly sensitive original.
The 9V mono pedal with modulation lacks tap tempo, tape emulation, and input for an expression pedal or midi and a looper. But you can adjust the gain of this true bypass pedal via a trimpot and the maximum delay time of 800ms is pretty respectable.
Because of the fact, that the Belle Epoch gets really close to the sound of the Echoplex, this pedal which you can still buy in the shops it is a 7 of 10 on my cult-factor scale.