Catalinbread Bicycle Delay

Catalinbread Bicycle DelayThe optical appearance of the Catalinbread Bicycle Delay is remarkable different. The 5 pots of this pedalboard-friendly 9V mono pedal enable the user to adjust the number (Reflect) of the rather brighter or darker sounding (Radiance) repeats. As well as the maximum delay time (Expanse) and the wet/dry mix (Lucidity). And even the mood-pot which controls the direction and the speed of the pitch-shifting repeats suggests the feeling of control. But with the first attack of strings, the user of the Catalinbread Bicycle Delay will be taken on a furious journey. The effect of this pedal can hardly be described but especially sound scaping fans and adventurous guitarists will like this true bypass pedal which is available easily. For this special effects one can go without tap tempo, integrated looper and expression-/midi-input.
On my cult-factor scale, the Catalinbread Bicycle Delay is a 6 of 10.