Mr. Black Vintage Chorus or TC Electronic Corona Mini?

A reader’s question to the Dude:

I use a Mr. Black Vintage Chorus Mini and it sounds superb.
I just notice a little latency, which might be just in my mind. But I asked Mr.
Black himself and he said it’s ‘fully 24-bit DSP’. So, it has no analog dry through.
Now I wonder if for example the TC Electronic Corona Mini, which has analog dry through, would be even better.
But on the other hand, the TC Electronic Corona Mini is unable to reach the sonic quality of the Vintage Chorus.
I’m just curious about what you think about this issue. Continue reading “Mr. Black Vintage Chorus or TC Electronic Corona Mini?”

Boss DD-200 vs. Source Audio Nemesis

This is a comparison of the Boss DD-200 with the Source Audio Nemesis. Both digital delays provide likewise functions and have the same form factor.
Check out their sonic differences and similarities in varying settings.

0:10 digital setting Continue reading “Boss DD-200 vs. Source Audio Nemesis”

Reverse delay trouble

A readers question to the DelayDude:

For a new song, I used a chord sequence recorded with a reverse delay. I think, in my own case this is an appropriate substitute for an extensive synth sound.
But I recognized that it is pretty hard to control the reverse delay and now, I am not able to reproduce my record exactly. I have the feeling that it does whatever it wants to do. Somehow, the rhythm of the reverse signal varies each time.
I am not sure, if this is problem only occurs in my setup but I tried my best to describe the trouble.
At the moment I am using the reverse delay of the Boss ME-80, might this be the source of error? Continue reading “Reverse delay trouble”

Which pedal should I get: Walrus Audio ARP 87 or DOD Rubberneck?

Recently, I received the following request:
I moved on from a DOD Rubberneck due to its size, and I am considering a Walrus Audio ARP 87. I would really like a full analog delay in small size, but the Chase Bliss Audio is way above my budget and I didn’t really like the JHS Panther Cub in relation to its price.
Is there any other delay you would recommend? I want something with tap tempo and a small footprint… Continue reading “Which pedal should I get: Walrus Audio ARP 87 or DOD Rubberneck?”

Strymon Brigadier vs. Ibanez AD9 and Boss DM-2

This is a comparison of the Ibanez AD9 and the Boss DM-2 with the Strymon Brigadier.
The Ibanez AD9 and the Boss DM-2 are two of the first analog delays. They provide a maximum delay time of about 300ms and a unique kind of oscillation.
For this comparison, choose the short setting for the Brigadier, because, it emulates an analog delay with one IC. Thereby, the Brigadier gets close to the sound of the AD9 and the DM-2.

0:11 Ibanez AD9 max delay time Continue reading “Strymon Brigadier vs. Ibanez AD9 and Boss DM-2”

Meine liebsten Digital Delays

Oft werde ich gefragt, welche meine Favoriten unter den Delays sind und ich muss gestehen, dass ich mich mit der Beantwortung dieser Frage wahnsinnig schwertue.
Trotzdem bin ich mal in mich gegangen und habe in den Kategorien analog Delays, digital Delays und Tape Emulationen jeweils eine Top-Gruppe zusammengestellt.
Innerhalb der Gruppen gilt, dass die Nennung der einzelnen Delays, beziehungsweise ihre Reihenfolge in den Videos nichts darüber aussagt, welches von ihnen ich am besten finde.
Ich könnte kein klares Ranking in den Gruppen vornehmen, weil ich mich zwischen den jeweils vorgestellten Delays mit ihren Vorzügen und „Nachteilen“ (wenn man meine Kritikpunkte überhaupt als solche bezeichnen kann) nicht entscheiden könnte. Daher erfolgt ihre Nennung in alphabetischer Reihenfolge.
In diesem letzten Teil der Serie geht es um meine liebsten digital Delays.

0:03 Boss DD-200 Continue reading “Meine liebsten Digital Delays”

My favorite digital delay pedals

Many times, I have been asked about my favorite delay pedals and I must confess, that this question is soo hard to answer to.
Nevertheless, after a long time of thinking and trying, I figured out groups of my favorite delays regarding the categories analog delays, digital delays and tape emulations.
The order of the delays within the respective group or video is no ranking for I am unable to tell which of them I like best. Thus, the presentation is according to the alphabetical order of their names.
This last part is dedicated to my favorite digital delay pedals. Continue reading “My favorite digital delay pedals”

Boss DD-8 vs. DOD Rubberneck

This is a comparison of the Boss DD-8 with the DOD Rubberneck.
On request, I made this video. In comparison to the DD-7, the analog mode of the DD-8 has been changed. So, I wanted to compare this sound to another analog delay (DOD Rubberneck).
Furthermore, you will get slapback sounds, run-away feedback and oscillation.

1:13 slapback Continue reading “Boss DD-8 vs. DOD Rubberneck”

Analog Delays vs. Soundtoys Echoboy VST Plugin

Hardware vs. Software:This is a comparison of two legendary analog delay pedals with the Soundtoys Echoboy VST Plugin.
For the Echoboy VST plugin offers a Memory Man emulation, as well as a DM-2 emulation, I choose the and Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man and the Boss DM-2 for this comparison.
Check out if there are sonic differences between the pedals and a VST plugin.
This is the second part of a series of comparisons of a pedal with a VST plugin. Stay tuned for the last part about digital delays compared with a VST plugin.

0:11 DMM with vibrato / Memory Man emulation Continue reading “Analog Delays vs. Soundtoys Echoboy VST Plugin”

Review: Boss DD-8 part II

Boss DD8After you have learned all about the construction and the standard sounds of the Boss DD-8 in the first part of this review, I will now introduce the special modes of this compact digital delay. Continue reading “Review: Boss DD-8 part II”

Review: Boss DD-8 part I

Boss DD8The Boss DD-8 is the most recent compact Boss delay and the direct successor of the DD-7.
In this two- part review, I will first present facts about the construction and the standard sounds of the Boss DD-8, before, in the second part, I will dedicate myself to the special modes of this compact digital delay. Continue reading “Review: Boss DD-8 part I”

Boss DD-8 special sounds

This is a demo of some special sounds of the Boss DD-8. Besides +RV and shimmer, I also present sonic options of the modes mod, warp and GLT.

0:05 +RV Continue reading “Boss DD-8 special sounds”

Review: Boss DD-200 part II – special algorithms

Boss DD 200The first part of the DD-200 review was dedicated to the design and the fundamental sounds of the latest Boss delay-creation.
Now, I would like to take a closer look to some special algorithms of this digital delay. Continue reading “Review: Boss DD-200 part II – special algorithms”

Boss DD-8

This is a demo of the Boss DD-8 .The Boss DD-8 is the most recent compact Boss delay and the direct successor of the DD-7. It provides a looper and 11 delay modes.


0:10 Standard Continue reading “Boss DD-8”

Review: Boss DD-200 Part I

Boss DD 200The youngest member of the Boss family is the Boss DD-200. Although it comes around in a compact enclosure, it offers numerous features.

In this first part of the review, you will learn more about the design and some sounds of the Boss DD-200. The second part will be about some special algorithms. Continue reading “Review: Boss DD-200 Part I”