Wah noise – First aid instructions

Tips & tricksWah pedals are pretty sensitive and interactions with besides noise are quite common.
But what can you do, if your wah starts to hum, hiss, murmur and chirp? What might be the cause? Continue reading “Wah noise – First aid instructions”

Budget Delays Teil II

Frag den DudeDie Auswahl an guten Delays ist riesig und für jeden Geldbeutel ist etwas passendes dabei. Auch im Budget Bereich findet man viele gute Delays, sowohl analoge, Tape Emulationen und digital Delays.
In dieser dreiteiligen Serie möchte ich aus allen drei Bereichen einige Vertreter vorstellen, die es derzeit für sehr schmales Geld auf dem Markt gibt. Continue reading “Budget Delays Teil II”

Sound like: Balthazar

Sound likeTo me, Balthazar have been one of the major discoveries for the past years. First, I joined one of their concerts as a supporting- act of the Editors and I must confess: I was totally amazed.
The sound as well as the style of this band is unique and hard to describe – therefore, just click here and listen.
In this article, I would like to present the bands’ equipment which is so decisive for their sound. Continue reading “Sound like: Balthazar”

LoFi aka character sounds

LoFiWhile you are searching for the perfect sound, you will find uncountable possibilities.

But how does the perfect sound sound like? Continue reading “LoFi aka character sounds”