Pigtronix Constellator vs. Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail

This is a comparison of the Pigtronix Constellator with the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail.These two analog delay pedals offer almost similar features and provide cosmic sounds that create marvelous sonic galeries made of vapor and stardust.
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0:10 with chorus Continue reading “Pigtronix Constellator vs. Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail”

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail The Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail is a pedalboard-friendly analog delay.
Initially, the mono pedal came around in a stylish silver-blue lacquering, while the more recent version attracts attention in an intensive blue. Continue reading “Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail”

Seymour Duncan Andromeda

Seymour Duncan Andromeda delay pedalThe Seymour Duncan Andromeda is a rather lee pedalboard-friendly digital delay that throws extensive features in the ring to fight for its space on the pedalboard. Continue reading “Seymour Duncan Andromeda”

EQing a Delay

This is a demo about how to eq a delay, to use the fx loop as a mixer for overdrive pedals and also how to create dirty (distort) delay repeats.

I choose the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail for this demonstration as a deputy for all delays without tone control.

Click here to get further information about EQing delay pedals.

DOD Rubberneck vs. Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail – Analog Delay Comparison

This is a comparisopn of the DOD Rubberneck with the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail:

gear: Fender Telecaster, Fender Tweed Champ, Celestion G12M, Shure SM57, Cubase.

New Delays in 2017

2017 numerous new pedals were put on the market. Especially for delays it seems that the Golden age has come. There have been some interesting innovations for both, the analog (because of the reissue of the MN2005-chip) and the digital delays. Continue reading “New Delays in 2017”