DelayDude – The Shop coming soon !

We are focusing all our efforts on the final touches but on 1 Oktober the day has come:

The DelayDude Shop goes online!

The carefully selected range of vintage and boutique pedals may include one or the other treasure you already know from the DelayDude videos.

We are looking forward for your visit!

Luxor / Jen Cry Baby Wah

Die ersten Cry Baby Wahs wurden in Pescara (Italien) hergestellt. Anschließend wurden die Effekte unter verschiedenen Labels wie z.B. Vox, Jen, Arbiter oder Luxor verkauft.

Die bekanntesten Spulen der Vintage Wahs sind: Halo-Spule, Stack of Dimes und die Red Fasel.

Vintage Wah Effekt

Vintage WahHier möchte ich das Luxor Wah vorstellen. Es ist aus den 70ern und verfügt über eine Red Fasel Spule,

Das Vintage Wah liefert den typischen Hendrix-, Bonamassa- Vintage Sound. Continue reading “Luxor / Jen Cry Baby Wah”

Silizium Fuzz

Silicon Fuzz

Silizium Fuzz

The circuit is based on the legendary SI Fuzz of the 70s and creates the classical Hendrix-Sound.

I only used the best parts and NOS Mullard “Tropical Fish” Condensators.

Eric Johnson swears on silicon Fuzz pedals with BC183 Transistors.


This is a Soundfile of the pedal:


  • true bypass
  • turret Board “point to point” wired
  • NOS Mullard “Tropical Fish” Cap / Condensator
  • carbon comp resistors
  • BC108/BC183 silicon transistors
  • Alpha Pots
  • 9V power supply and batteryclip
  • stable Hammond enclosure
  • worn gold/white paintwork
  • Price: 129,-
  • Contact: delaydude@delaydude.detrue bypass

Continue reading “Silizium Fuzz”