Chase Bliss Audio Thermae

ThermaeThe Chase Bliss Audio Thermae is a pedalboard-friendly 9V analog delay. Like all Chase Bliss Audio pedals, this stompbox also is constructed according to the motto “analog heart-digital brain”. This means, the analog circuit has been complemented by digital elements. The 40 seconds maximum delay time of the true-bypass pedal offer much time for analog delay sounds in the style of the 70s. Besides the three types of modulation, which is always compared to the modulation of the Tonal Recall, the Thermae offers tap tempo and inputs for an expression pedal and midi. The pitch- shifting effect of the Thermae is absolutely unique in the world of analog delays. And the tone control also varies from the competitors by offering a low- pass- filter instead of a tone pot.
The sound of the mono pedal is created by four MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips and the setting options are to such an extent, that the size of the manual competes with the novels of famous pop literates.
Altogether, the Chase Bliss Audio Thermae, that, for those who can afford it, is available in new condition, is a 8 of 10 on my cult-factor-scale.