Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall (Red Knob Mod)

Tonal Recall RKMThe Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM is – as the name already suggests – quite similar to the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall. It is an equally flexible and pedalboard-friendly true bypass analog delay. Like its predecessor the red knob mod version provides a tone pot and so-called dip switches. These mini switches allow the ramping of all parameters without the need for an external expression pedal. But if you like, you can also connect an external expression pedal or midi.

The main difference to the Tonal Recall is the extended maximum delay time of 1100 ms. And, there is also a sonic difference for the Tonal Recall RKM sounds a bit less percussive and cleaner.

The 9V pedal also provides modulation, tap tempo and storable presets.
Like the Tonal Recall, the red knob mod version is still available without any problems.

Because of the extended delay time, this analog delay gets one extra point on the cult-factor-scale and therefore is a 8 of 10.