Crazy Tube Circuits Echotopia

EchotopiaThe Crazy Tube Circuits Echotopia is a digital tape echo emulation and for its size not even pedalboard-friendly. But regarding the dimensions of a Roland Space Echo, the space requirement is definitively justified.

You can run the true bypass pedal, that provides 4 virtual playback heads, on 9 as well as on 12V.
Depending on the respective tone head, the maximum delay time varies from 40 ms to 1.2 seconds.
Equipped with tap tempo and modulation, the stereo pedal offers a marvelous retro tape echo sound that is perfect for endless soundscaping-sessions.
Unfortunately, you will have to dispense with a midi- or expression pedal input, as well as with an integrated looper.

Nevertheless, the Crazy Tube Circuits Echotopia, that has been released quite currently and therefore is available without any problems, becomes an 8 of 10 on my cult-factor-scale.

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