Delay pedals for bass players?

Ask the DudeDelay pedals are a great invention and every guitarist should own at least one. But not only guitarist can benefit from the effects of a delay pedal. Bass players also can venture into a new realm by using a delay pedal. But there is one thing you should take into consideration.

For the bass guitar I prefer digital delays. In contrast to analog pedals, digital delays offer the possibility to cut the low end in a certain way and therefore fit pretty well into the mix. If you are looking for a pedal which is suitable for a wide range from metal to ambient, and also want tap tempo, I would recommend a multi-delay pedal like the Source Audio Nemesis, Strymon Timeline or the Empress Echosystem. They are all quite versatile and sound really nice. And if you are looking for a space-saving option, the Walrus Audio ARP-87 might be the right choice.

And while you have become brave enough to try something new, this video might be an inspiration as well. Here I used the Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal with a bass guitar. And an effect that always works is a reverb pedal.
So, be brave and try it out because a bass players pedalboard can bear more than a single overdrive pedal…