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I’ve been a musician since I was a little boy and I have tested numerous guitars, amps, effect pedals as well as groove boxes, synthesizers and many accessories for musicians. On we have described many of these for you and you can find numerous tests, demos and comparisons of effects pedals on our YouTube channel.

We have tested gear from many well-known manufacturers such as Strymon, Electro Harmonix, Eventide and Chase Bliss, but also some rather unknown brands and budget pedals.

Often musicians ask me what equipment I use and which effects pedals and devices I would recommend. Since the list is quite long and constantly changing, I took the trouble to put together an up-to-date overview.

DelayDude recommendations

We have put together the products in the Thomann shop. Here you will find my current recommendations in a clear list with the current prices. As a useful side effect, by purchasing from Thomann you also support this blog financially without any further costs for you. Of course, this also helps us to keep our blog mostly ad-free.

So if you would like to see our recommendations and support us at the same time, you can follow the link to Thomann.

The list contains an overview of my favorite guitars. Either I once owned it or I still play it. My favorite amplifiers can also be found here and the loop pedals, groove boxes and synthesizers that we like to use or we have tested and found good can be found here. And I wouldn’t be the DelayDude if you this list also contains a whole range of delay and reverb pedals.

So, we at Team DelayDude hope you enjoy browsing and say thank you for your support!