Ask the Dude: DelayDude Midi Sync Cable: My DITTO X4 is unable to synchronize with the SDRUM – What’s wrong?

Ask the DudeWe produce every DelayDude Midi Sync Cable by hand with a lot of care and every single item has been tested before it leaves our company.
If your cable nevertheless does not work as it is supposed to do, please check out the following sources of error.

1. Make sure to power both pedals (SDRUM and DITTO X4) with enough current.

2. Check out if all cables are connected the right way.

3. If your DITTO X4 is older, please update the firmware to the latest version. In some forums on the internet you can find information that for some setups the DITTO X4 firmware 1.1.00 Build 49 works better. Maybe it makes sense to grade your firmware down to this version.

4. Check out whether the Stop LED of the DITTO X4 blinks when you connect the pedals.

5. Start with an empty loop – for the SDRUM does not change the speed of an already recorded loop – it sends the tempo to the X4 to set the length of the loop. When a loop is recorded this way, the SDRUM starts and stops the loop.

6. If your DITTO X4 is in parallel mode, the Loop stops at the end of the loop. Sync mode is the better mode for synchronization.

And if your cable after that still is not working as we promised, please don’t hesitate to contact us.