DelayDude Midi to Chase Bliss Audio cable – NOW in the DelayDude Shop

Midi to Chase Bliss AudioChase Bliss Audio has created several exciting effect pedals. Besides the recently celebrated Blooper, well-known stompboxes like the Tonal Recall, the Warped Vinyl, the Brothers, the Spectre and others are still pretty famous.
In an ideal way, they are midi compatible. A feature, that becomes more and more important for many guitarists.
For some time past, there are also midi boxes available that allow to control several devices via midi.
Of course, they are quite helpful, but they need space on the pedalboard and they are only worthwhile when you use several Chase Bliss Audio pedals at the same time.

Usually, the Chase Bliss Audio stompboxes are not really low-priced, thus, most guitarists only own one or two of them.
On the pedalboard, the midi box will become a space -consuming monster. and it will also occupy one of the precious jacks of the 9V power supply. For guitarists always lack power supply slots, it needs a lot of mental strength to sacrifice one of them for a functional device.

The DelayDude Midi to Chase Bliss Audio Cable allows to connect your Chase Bliss Audio Pedal with any midi device or your DAW without the need for a midi box.
Thus, you can control all parameters very comfortable via midi device or DAW.

And if you get a second or third Chase Bliss Audio pedal, you can easily extend your cable collection. Even four of them are more favourable than one midi box…

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