DelayDude – we give broken pedals a new life

Pedal Reparatur Like probably every musician, I love my instruments and effect pedals. And not just my own: I think every instrument, every pedal is a treasure that we must preserve. Unfortunately, even the best devices sometimes break. Throwing them away is actually not an option for us musicians, and so at DelayDude we fight every day against the decay of our musical favorites. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an analog effect pedal from the beginning of music with effect pedals or an OP-Z rumble module. A lot can be repaired. One repair is easier, another is a complicated operation, but we give our best to save as many as possible. Of course, with many vintage effects we have no choice but to keep the old treasures because there is simply no sonic alternative. But even with current pedals, a repair is worthwhile in many cases. We musicians have a special understanding of old things anyway and already knew how to appreciate vintage pedals at a time when sustainability was still a foreign word for many people. In terms of resource conservation, we were thus unknowingly among the pioneers.
And even if a working pedal doesn’t quite meet your own sound expectations, there is not always the need for a new device. Modifications can often give a limited pedal new capabilities. So it’s always worthwhile to see what you really want before buying a new one and to check with us whether we can’t conjure it up with your existing pedals.

So feel free to get in contact if you want to save a pedal from sinking or if you want to get a certain modification be done.