Deluxe Memory Man – how to find out whether the chips are 3005 or 3008

A reader’s question to the Dude:

“Hey there, I just bought a Deluxe Memory Man modded by AnalogMan, how can I tell whether the chips are 3005 or 3008?”


The big box version of the Deluxe Memory Man is very popular and doubtless, it has a unique sound.
Compared to the 3008 chips, the 3005 chips provide a doubled delay time. So, you only need two 3005 chips to create the same delay time, four 3008 chips will provide. And less chips actually cause less hiss.

Regarding the Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, it is actually difficult to figure out, which chips are responsible for the sound. But there are some simple tricks to find out without deinstalling the whole circuit board.

Double time mod – yes or no?

If your Deluxe Memory Man does not have the double time mod but four chips, these four are 3008 chips. If it has two chips, these two are 3005.
If your Deluxe Memory Man has the double time mod, you have four 3005 chips.

If you remove the bottom plate of your Deluxe Memory Man, you can feel the number of chips with your fingertip on the bottom of the circuit board.
Or you can check the solder-points at the backside of the circuit board – each chip has two parallel lines with eight pins.

And of course, you can send a photo of the backside of the circuit board and I will tell you which chips your Deluxe Memory Man has got.

Here, you will find a comparison of two Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man pedals with the different chips.