DIY Pedalboard

Tips & tricksAlthough a pedalboard actually is only a basis for effect pedals, it can be so much more than this.
There are numerous manufacturers that offer almost all sizes and variants. But frequently, a DIY pedalboard can be tailored to your very own needs and it can also be much more favorable.

Up until a few years ago the IKEA “GORM” was really famous. Transforming this element to a pedalboard was pretty easy and it was also very advantageous. To the chagrin of many guitarists, IKEA stopped the production of “GORM”.
But actually, the Swedish furniture giant offers alternatives for a good price. For some, these shelf elements are only some planks nailed together. But creative visionaries identify the base for an individual pedalboard with endless creative possibilities. It can be lacquered, laid flat on the floor or, with a respective back part, offers enough space to place cables and a power supply below. Similar to Pedaltrain, Rockboard or likewise expensive pedalboards.


An IKEA product that is pretty suitable as the base of a DIY pedalboard is HEJNE. It is available as a twin pack. Thus, it is the perfect investment for the whole band or if you want to create a DIY pedalboard for yourself and a respective clone as a birthday present for somebody else. HEJNE measures about 77 x 47 cm and has 5 crossbars. Two boards of this size are available for ridiculous 9 Euros. For comparison only: a Pedaltrain of this size will cost about 150 Euros.

A smaller version with a size of 77 x 28 cm is available for 6 Euros. This variety has 3 crossbars.

On the internet you will find numerous instructions how to create a beveled version by using two angles mad of metal or wood.


KNAGGLIG is suitable to create a more compact version. For the price of only 9,99 Euros, the side parts of this wooden chest can be used to build two small boards. The size corresponds approximately to the Pedaltrain Metro 20, Metro 16 or – by adding the side parts of the box at the front of the board – the Pedaltrain Classic Jr.
In this case also, you will find nice instructions including all necessary information on the internet.

Another advantage of wooden pedalboards is, that you can fix the mount for the power supply quite easily by using screws. Regarding a pedalboard made of metal this gets much more complicated.

All of the blanks mentioned above have gaps between the wooden struts to lead the cables through.
If you like, you can also assemble handles by drilling appropriate holes.
There are no limits regarding the design of your very own pedalboard.
Form a simple black to a waxed nature look to racing stripes or elaborated lacquering – everything is possible.

Therefore: When you visit the Swedish furniture giant again, watch out for the elements mentioned above and give free rein to your creativity.