DIY – How to check out the pinout of wires without using a multimeter

Pinbelegung KabelFor many DIY projects it is necessary to check out the You can use a multimeter to find out the pin occupation of the wires inside a cable.

Normally, you use a multimeter for that.
But not everybody owns a multimeter and because of this, I would like to present a second method that is pretty easy.
You can also use a pedal with battery connection to check the pinout of the wires inside a plug-cable.
First you connect only ONE pole of the battery to the battery clip of the pedal.
Now you must attach the tip of the cable you want to check to the other battery pole and successively link each of the small cables to the free connector of the battery clip.
The cable that makes the LED of the pedal lighten up, is the tip cable.
To check out the ring pinout you proceed in the same way.