DMB Pedals Lunar

LunarThe DMB Pedals Lunar is a moderate pedalboard-friendly analog delay with a design that is in colour pretty uncommon. The maximum delay time of 500 ms is created by a MN3205 chip, which is a replica of the legendary V3205 bucket-brigade delay chip.
The 9V true bypass pedal offers outputs for the wet as well for the dry signal and additionally provides an expression pedal input.
Apart from modulation and possibility to chose between lo-fi and hi-fi, the Lunar is a rather unembellished boutique pedal. Therefore, one searches in vain for tap tempo, a midi input or a looper.

Because of its warm and gritty sound, the DMB Pedals Lunar which today is only available in pre-owned condition becomes a 7 of 10 on my cult-factor-scale.