DOD Rubberneck vs. Ibanez DE-7 Delay Comparison

This is a comparison of the DOD Rubberneck with the Ibanez DE-7.

The DOD Rubberneck has got much midrange and provides the rough sound of a marvelous vintage delay. By using the tone pot you can set beautiful dark delays. The Rubberneck is perfect to create ambient sound and soundscapes. The gain pot enables you to produce grittier delays.
All pots are quite interactive and offer numerous setting options.

The special thing about the echo mode of the DE-7 is, that the digital created signal must pass an analog circuit with a JRC 4580, clipping diodes and analog filters. You can easily produce beautiful rhythmical delays. A switch allows to chose between three different delay “ranges” which can be fine-tuned by the delay time pot.
Echo and delay can be selected by the mode switch.