DOD Rubberneck

DOD RubberneckThe DOD Rubberneck is a moderate pedalboard-friendly but really nice sounding analog delay. The trails mode allows to make the repeats of the 1500 ms maximum delay time fade out marvelously.

Besides, the 9V true bypass pedal offers pots for gain and tone and the eponymous rubbernecking effect. This effect sounds like a tape echo with varying tape speeds that cause varying delay times and therefore lead to interesting pitch shifting effects. The mono pedal also provides tap tempo, modulation and an expression pedal input. This great pedal only dispenses with a midi input.

The DOD Rubberneck is still available in new condition without any problems.

Because of the marvelous sound and the rubbernecking effect, this analog delay becomes an 8 of 10 on my cult-factor-scale.