Donner Vintaverb – Review

donner vintaverbAlthough the name refers to traditional reverb sounds, the Donner Vintaverb provides even more.
The small pedal comes around in a robust, grey lacquered aluminum enclosure with a black layer on the top.
Optically, it reminds of certain boutique pedals, but in fact, the Donner enclosure appears to be of a higher quality than some of the unlacquered pedals of several boutique manufacturers.

This reverb pedal can be used mono as well as stereo and the plugs fit perfect into the robust jacks.
Robust as well is the switch (internally a tactical switch) that controls the true bypass and can also switch to a buffered mode with trails. By keeping the switch pressed, you can create a hold effect.

At the front, you will find a 9V 200mA input, that thankfully has been labeled by the manufacturer with the information about the needed ampere and polarity. In my opinion, every manufacturer ought to do so, thus millions of effect pedals could be rescued from a cruel death.
Running the pedal on battery is not possible, but I think in times of sustainability, to me, it is superfluous.

The pots

The reverb effect, as well as the mode, the mix (100% wet is possible) and the tone/ decay can be adjusted by respective pots.
A small switch activates the predelay.
The range of the pots is quite pleasant and because of their knurl, they are very tangible.
Bright white stripes display the respective setting.
The tone pot operates as a high cut. By maxing it, you will get the most brilliant and clear reverb effect. The treble can be reduced by turning the pot into counter clockwise direction.
At the same time, the range of the mix pot is really pleasant, thus there is no volume drop at the transition from the direct signal to the effect signal.
The predelay is labelled with short and long an does not only alter the predelay and thereby creates a certain clearness, it also seems as if it selects a preset.
In certain modes it varies the sound and regarding the spring mode it seems to me as if it would alter between the emulation of a long trail and a short one.


The Vintaverb offers 7 reverb algorithms.
I am generally in favour of plate reverbs and I also like this sound of the Vintaverb a lot. By maxing the tone pot, you will get beautiful spheric plate reverb emulations with long trails.
Room is able to emulate in a marvelous way a gentle ambient sound when you reduce the respective pot a little bit.
The studio algorithm sounds valuable and beatifies the played signal. And the reverb effect is pretty nice emulated as well.

donner Vintaverb 2

By reducing the tone pot in general, you ought to re-adjust the mix pot as well to make the signal fit perfect into the mix.

The spring reverbs has its very own character, which I have never heard before like this. It has a nice splash and sound like a small amp. Really nice.

Mod reverb is an algorithm, that modulates the reverb in a certain way and thereby give a more vivid character to the sound.

What I really love is the Dsverb. A reverb with overdrive! The sound is very inspiring and can also be adjusted by using the ton pot.
By keeping the foot switch pressed, you can freeze the played notes and thereby create a wall of sound. Especially with a long decay, this is great fun.
Unfortunately, the attack time of the freeze effect is not adjustable and I would have preferred a faster fade-in. But I guess, it depends on the song.


Extensive equipped, this robust reverb pedal costs only 60 €. By using the periodic discount offers, you will even have to pay only 45€ or 55€.
It is a blast, what you will get!
Numerous classic sounds, but also some crazy sounds, which also include a freeze mode.
I recommend this pedal to everyone who is looking for a robust all-rounder.
For beginners, professionals, as a second reverb and also as a perfect birthday present to every guitarist who likes reverbs.
And I think, it is also suitable for synthesizers. With its stereo in- and outputs it can be used quite well next to a groovebox.

To make it short: once again, Donner offers an absolute no-brainer that is worth it to check it out!

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