Dunlop Echoplex EP 103

Dunlop EchoplexThe Dunlop Echoplex EP 103 is a pedalboard-friendly digital delay. By connecting the external tap footswitch, the 750 ms of maximum delay time can be extended up to 4 seconds.
As the name suggests, is the Dunlop Echoplex EP 103 based on the legendary Maestro Echoplex Delay.
And because of the fact, that the tape of the great idol ages, the “Age” function of the Dunlop Echoplex EP 103 provides an emulation of the aging tape.
Besides, the 9V pedal with modulation offers the opportunity to chose between mono and stereo as well as between buffered or true bypass.
But, unfortunately, you will have to get along without inputs for an expression pedal or midi.

On my cult-factor-scale, the Dunlop Echoplex EP 103, which is still produced today, is a 6 of 10.