Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run

Avalanche RunThe Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run is a moderate pedalboard-friendly digital delay, that, in fact is rather a mixture of a delay and a reverb effect.
Besides marvelous tape emulation the 9V stereo pedal offers a swell mode, reverse delays, plate hall effects and much more.
The tone pot provides additional control. There is also tap tempo with subdivision control, a sound-on-sound style looping mode and the option, to connect an expression pedal via an assignable input. In addition to the 2 seconds maximum delay time, the stereo pedal prevails the possibility to choose between true bypass and buffered.
The Avalanche Run, which is available in new condition quiet easily, only dispenses with a midi input and modulation.

On my cult-factor-scale the versatile sound-machine is a 7 of 10.