+ + + Effect pedals at Summer NAMM 2019 News +++

NewsCompared to the Winter NAMM most musicians perceive the Summer NAMM somehow inconspicuous. Nevertheless, some interesting innovations have been presented this summer.
Here, I would like to present a list of my highlights regarding the world of effect pedals.

Gamechanger Audio

Gamechanger Audio surprised by presenting an updated version of the Plasma Pedal that has been created in collaboration with Jack White and Third Man Records Store At the place of the blend knob you will now find a knob that allows to choose a respective octave.
Yes, the Plasma Pedal Coil is a crazy fuzz with (up/down) octave!

Alexander Pedals

Alexander Pedals put the Marshmallow Pitch Shifter on the market. By using the in-build modulation you can to create wacky sounds.
From interesting harmonies, ring modulation to an arpeggiator, you will get a lot of fun in a beautiful enclosure.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors

Old Blood Noise Endeavors present the Whitecap Tremolo .
It is an analog tremolo (serial or parallel) combined with a digital tremolo in one enclosure. This pedal allows to create the almost most flexible tremolo-wobble- effects ever.


Koroa is a pretty young company that presents the Merlo. A harmonic tremolo with tap tempo and numerous wave forms in a compact enclosure. A really thrilling pedal.

Poly Effects

With the Digit Poly Effects proofs that also guitarists have arrived at the 2.0 world.
The Digit is a mixer, IR based speaker emulation, delay and reverb with countless options for routing and modulation.


The Fishman TriplePlay Connect is a midi pickup controller that, by using an additional IOS App, transforms the guitar into an extensive equipped midi device.


Dunlop stays more traditionally by presenting the mini Hendrix series. The well-knows classics in a compact shape and with some little additional features.


At the NAMM Boss launches the polyphonic synth effect pedal SY-1 as well as the RC 10R looper with drum function.