EHX Deluxe Memory Man – Time increase modification

Tips & tricksFollowing the promise of the manufacturer the Deluxe Memory Man provides a maximum delay time of 550 ms.
But in spite of all promises made by advertisement the truth mostly is a different one.
Many Deluxe Memory Man pedals only offer a maximum delay time of 350 or even 450 ms.

But it is possible to remedy this situation with the following mod.

Howard Davis (creator of the Deluxe Memory Man) once said in a forum that the Deluxe Memory Man is able to generate up to 650 ms of delay time without too much distortion.
The tolerance of several parts and the calibrations are the most common reasons for the actually reduced delay time.


You only have to be able to solder.
First you have to unplug the power supply an unscrew the bottom of the enclosure.Now you can see the backside of the circuit board.

Platine DMM 1






On the lower third of the left side you can see the bottom of the HEF.

Platine DMM 2






This chip is the so-called clock for the bucket brigade devices
Its beats can be slowed down if you solder a condenser between pin 1 and pin 3.

Platine DMM 3






But you should keep in mind, that Deluxe Memory Man pedals have been and still are based on varying types of circuit boards.
The circuit board of YOUR Deluxe Memory Man might look totally different.
What I would like to point out here is, that you should only try to modify your Deluxe Memory Man if you feel confident to do so.
I don’t assume liability but if you like, you can send me your pedal and I will perform this mod for you.
The recent Deluxe Memory Man version shows the upper side of the circuit board and thereby all components.
In this case you can easily find the HEF.

It is worth it to experiment

Mostly, I use a 47pf condenser and try the pedal again.
The maximum setting of the extended delay time might cause some kind of noise like a murmur.
If the maximum delay time is too long or the clock is far too slow, there will also be clock noise.
But the 47pf is ideal to experiment.

It can also make sense to connect two cables to the solder points at the circuit board to try out condensers with different values.
By the way: by soldering two condensers parallel to each other, the values add up. By this you can combine different values to find out the perfect value.

And it can also be quite interesting to exhaust the maximum delay time and (with the time pot in full clockwise position) create a Lo-Fi delay sound.

If you want to return to the “normal” sound of the Deluxe Memory Man, you only have to wind down the time pot.