Review: EHX Super Pulsar

Every guitarist knows the pulsating sound of a tremolo-effect. The Super Pulsar by Electro Harmonix is a tremolo pedal that provides controllability beyond the setting of speed and depth.


The Super Pulsar has got true bypass, is housed in an aluminum- enclosure of the XO-series and uses a 9.6 V power supply. The pedal works analog, with a digital control.

Among the numerous setting options of the Super Pulsar you can find for example a sinusoidal waveform to modulate the amplitude as well as a sawtooth- and a rectangle-form. The width of the pulse can be adjusted infinitely variable by the shape- pot.
The integrated 16 step- sequencer enables you to create rhythmical patterns which can be saved in one of 8 storages.

The rate can be adjusted by the rate-pot, by the x-rate- switch that offers three different levels or can be tapped via a foot-switch (the beat can be set by the tap-divide-switch).

Besides you get the opportunity to synchronize other compatible devices by clock-pulse.

The control range of the rate is pretty wide and reaches from an extreme slowly tremolo (16 seconds) to a ring-modulation-effect (230 Hz).

Via the EXP jack you can connect an expression-pedal or voltage- control- signal which controls rate, depth, shape, phase and level.

A LED-chain on the top of the enclosure shows the rate and the form of the modulation-waves. The pattern-mode shows the active steps.

The pedal has stereo in- and outputs and offers – because of the infinitely controllability of the phase of the right channel – beyond the usual tremolo- effects also some kind of Uni-Vibe- sounds and panning- effects.


A special feature of this tremolo-pedal is the option to control the rate or the depth by envelope. The both parameters can be adjusted at the same time so you can – by digging in though- create for example a fast tremolo with little depth that becomes more slowly and a more deep decay. In other words: there are numerous options.


The parameters of the pedal can be controlled by six pot-knobs: volume (with a boost up to 12 dB), phase of the right channel, shape, depth, rate and waveform.
By the waveform- pot you can adjust the waveform and, by choosing the pattern-mode, the pulse-width of the modulation.
With the shape-pot you can bend the waveform to emulate an uprising or falling ramp or bias-tremolo of an old tube-amp for example.
Last but not least you can choose between nine different patterns that can also be modified and saved in the pattern-mode.


Besides bypass and tap-footswitch (with speed-break-function) there is a mode-switch. The different settings of the tap-divider-switch can be activated by footswitch and you can also choose the option to change the functions of the exp-mode.
At the same time it enables you to control the xrate- switch or the wave-inverter-switch by footswitch.
And by choosing the preset-mode you can use the footswitch to elect one of eight presets.

I guess some of the users first get scared by the numerous functions but already with speed and depth you can easily create beautiful tremolo-sounds.
From a classical tube-amp over clipped modern tremolos to a ring-modulation – this pedal offers almost sound that can be created by using a tremolo-pedal.

The only option that some guitarists might could miss is a harmonic-tremolo which became more popular during the last years.


There are only few tremolo-pedals that offer such a wide range of functions.
But if you are looking for an alternative you might be interested in the Sonuus Voluum (which indeed only works with mono-signals). Or you may choose the Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas which is able to produce harmonic-tremolos and offers numerous control-options but because of its maximum speed lacks the option to create a ring-modulation.