Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

Deluxe Memory ManMy absolute favorite one! The Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man is a brilliant, rather less pedalboard-friendly analog delay that, in my opinion, deserves every centimeter on the pedalboard.
The sound of the old Big-Box-version is such convincing, that you won`t mind the lack of features like tap tempo, true bypass or an expression-pedal or midi input.
Actually, only few units of this pedal provide the promised 450ms of maximum delay time. But who matters things like that when you can listen to such an outstanding modulation. The preamp as well is absolutely legendary.
Today, the Deluxe Memory Man XO is the only version, that is still available in new condition. But to me, the sound is totally different to the sound of the legendary Big-Box version. This early model is only available in used condition and even pedals in bad conditions are traded for high prices. But it is worth it.
On my cult-factor-scale, the Deluxe Memory Man is a 10 of 10.

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