Electro Harmonix Memory Toy

Memory toyThe Electro Harmonix Memory Toy is one of the few pedalboard-friendly analog delays of the Memory-series.
The propitious basis version comes around without any frills.
Therefore, it is not really suprising, that the 9V pedal dispenses with features like tap tempo or a looper. Inputs for an expression pedal, midi or stereo adventures must also be searched in vain.
You can to choose, whether you want to run the Memory Toy true bypass or not.
Besides, the Toy offers modulation.
The slim brother of the big family is still available without any problems.
However, for delay beginners who love the Electro Harmonix quality, the Memory Toy is a solid friend. Because of its simplicity the Memory toy becomes a 3 of 10 on my cult-factor-scale.