Empress Superdelay / Superdelay VM

Empress Superdelay1The Empress Superdelay, as well as the Superdelay VM (Vintage Modified) are both rather moderate pedalboard-friendly, but both versions of this delay offer almost every delay sound, a guitarist needs.
The digital delays provide a maximum delay time up to 2.8 seconds with sounds reaching from digital to tape to (pitch) reverse. Besides an integrated Looper, the true bypass pedals also offer various tone shaping-and modulation options.

Tap tempo, storable presets and an expression pedal input make the two versions of the Superdelay pretty versatile.

The mono pedals only lack a Midi- and a 9V input jack.

Today, both versions of the Superdelay are only available in used condition.

On my cult-factor-scale the Superdelay becomes a 6 of 10. For the optimized modulation of the Vintage Modified model I add one point, therfore this version is a 7 of 10.